Series | Landscapes, Portraits, Figure Nudes

Special Series of Limited Edition Giclée Prints for sale.  Fine Art Landscapes,  Portraits and Figure Nudes.  Scottish  Landscape Photography.




'Bench’ Series: 

The inspiration for this series of photographs was the juxtaposition of a simple stylish oak bench with the elegance of the natural human form. The proposition was to take the bench as a starting point and allow the model to create poses rather than provide detailed directions. Some models are endlessly creative and inventive with such a simple piece of wood. It is a real litmus test for the true art model and I continue to use this when working with a new models.   

Our models in this series were Ivory Flame, Bink, Joceline and Ayla. In ‘Bench I’ I like the languorous simplicity of the model’s arms stretched above her head - drawing one’s eye to the very tips of her fingers, and the way her textured red hair complements the grain and colour of the wooden bench. 

This series of photographs was taken in our home studio, using a Canon 5D with varied studio lighting depending on the pose and feel of the image I was aiming for. 
These and other images will form the basis of a book for be released in the near future. 

‘Gym Horse’ Series:

This series, like the ‘Bench’ series, provides a wide range of possibilities for creative artistic models. The horses are heavy and well built, and allow a range of gymnastics to be accomplished whilst giving the re-assurance that they are not going to fall over. Because they are padded leather, they also provide a relatively comfortable base to support the figure.

The use of a gym horse gives a natural advantage to models that have done some gymnastics training, even if that was in the distant. For obvious reasons strength poses are transient and some practice and planning is helpful to capture such images.

Those who can harness the solidity of the horse, as well as its shape, can create poses that would otherwise be impossible. The result can be a fusion of grace, strength and imagination.
These images were taken in our home studio using studio lighting and a Canon 5D camera. 

‘Lady in Red’ Series:

After a day photographing on location we finished with a series taken indoors when I knew that the light would be ideal. When everything comes together, the setting, light, clothes and what the model is generous enough to gift to the camera, then magic can happen.
Small details such as a hairbrush, a mirror and the laces of the corset, provide a focus and a purpose to a pose but they are nothing unless the model believes in the pose and make it real. With such a talented model the elements combine to create a variety of moods, from soft sensuality to confident seduction and sassiness. 

These images were taken in a relatively short space of time and the credit goes to Ivory Flame.

‘Figure and Cloth’ Series:

The use of cloth in combination with the figure has been explored by many different styles of artist. Folds of material can work well as a complement to the shape of the body and seemingly from nowhere beautiful shapes textures and shadows emerge. We recently explored this idea and will add more example over the coming months – lookout for them!

‘Canyon’ Series:

Antelope Canyon in Arizona is a stunning place where flash floods have gouged out the sandstone in deep vertical gullies. Sunlight penetrates deep into the canyon and highlights the glorious shadows and textures. Prior to my visit the Canyon had been closed for two days due to floods (difficult to believe in the desert-like terrain). Each turn revealed new ethereal swirls of water-carved sandstone and ever-changing colours as the sun moved. These images are from the Lower Canyon that is truly spectacular and I was lucky to be the only person on the guided tour.


'Seascape & Landscape' Series


'Portrait' Series


'Dance & Movement' Series


'Figure Nudes - Studio' Series


'Figure Nudes - Location' Series